Thai Horror

Thai Horror

     Ever seen a Thai horror that, revolves around the karmic repentence of a childs’ soul? One that carries over into the after life and the next? While some may not find this to be interesting, let me tell you, it is!

Colic is about a couple that has a child who is born with a an illness, by the name of..well, colic. This illness makes the child cry uncontrollably for any given amount of time. Usually ranging from about three to six months. However there seems to be more to this illness that meets the eye. Strange occurances happen to the familyn and there seems to be something supremely supernatural about it all.

It seems to start off some what mediocre or what seems to be a predictable movie, leads you on a roller coaster ride of suspense and empathy regarding the new parents in this film. Some scenese are just devastating and shocking, leaving you wanting more.  Overall, I thought Colic was very original, full of action and very compelling. This horror/thriller is a 5/5 in my book. Great storyline. Great actors.


The Formality of Blogging

I gotta tell you. Writing a blog is a bit more complicated than I thought! Or, maybe it’s just me. There seems to be a block, when it comes to writing on what I call, electronic paper. Perhaps it’s the fact that eventually, loads of people will be reading this and I don’t want to flub up. Perhaps, it’s because I don’t find myself  interesting enough to have people read my work. Whatever the case may be, it still does not get the job done. That little voice inside of my head  says, “well, just write from the heart, you’re worthy enough to write whatever you want.” I laugh at that little voice and respond with, ” well, what about the errors?!” 

“What about them?” It says.

I’m not even sure why I’m able to write this blog, but when it comes to the actual blogging regarding my blog title  it seems to be  so formidable! However, there are questions I have. What is the formality of blogging? Is there even a such thing when I comes to blogging? I mean does there need to be a certain criteria for it, or just do what you want? I know that one can’t write some random words on electronic paper, there has to be some order to it. That’s common sense! Though I pose the question, do I need to go out of my way to meet a definitive  guideline? Is this blogging thing like an unique essay paper? lol.

In the end, I guess the only left to do is to look at outstanding blogs, find out what it is that makes it so great. In the process I need to relax and let it flow. Perhaps the block is only my inner self  judging my work and trying to get me to falter. They do say that you are your own worst enemy.


Making Ani(me)magic

Konnichi wa!

Lady Saori here. Starting a blog regarding anime is completely new to me, but hopefully with time I’ll be able to do it-no problem. Let me say, that I’m extremely excited about dedicating my time to something I really enjoy doing. I mean not only will I be able to research and learn about new anime. I will also be able to  review it, discuss it, and rate it.

Just to name a couple though, I’ll definitely be writing about Naruto and Death Note. I do believe that I’ll start off with an OVA first. OVA is Original Video Animation. All it is, is anime that goes directly to Video. You don’t have to worry about crappy voice overs, and usually it’s unedited. Any who, my first OVA will be Samurai X Trust and Betrayal. That’s all I’ll say for now. Stay tuned, and you too will know about this excellent anime.

Changing subjects just a tad bit, =) I drove a manual for first the time tonight. I practiced in a church parking lot around midnight. haha! it was exhilarating, I stalled a few times, but that was only because I didn’t balance the clutch and the gas.  The hardest part is learning first gear.  However, once I got the hang of the clutch-shift-gas, it was very simple. I wasn’t in the church parking lot long. Heck I’d say maybe around half an hour before I was driving home with no problem. :wink wink: ok, maybe a few flub ups here and there.  Overall it was an awesome experience and hopefully I’ll be able to drive on the freeway by the end of the week!